S2D2 is a roller derby league run by volunteers. There is a committee of 12 people who are voted in by the members each year. Every member also volunteers their time and skills in the ways they can. On bout days volunteers run the merch, ticketing sales & raffles, they run the catering & help lay the tracks. The photographers, the announcers and the officials (on and off-skates) are all volunteers too. S2D2 are a not-for-profit organisation. Every dollar raised from the bouts goes back into running the league.

Behind the scenes – volunteers plan and schedule training, coach the teams, liaise with venues and other leagues, work with our sponsors & suppliers, represent the league with the media & new recruits, manage the league’s finances, keep memberships current and look after all general business to do with running a sports club. S2D2 has an official first aid & health team, we even have a designated Happiness Officer! ALL VOLUNTEERS, did we say we have lot of volunteers? We can never thank our volunteers enough. If you would like to be a volunteer too email info@southsidederby.com

President –¬†Bek Bok
Vice President – Lady Wreck
Treasurer – Deby Does Damage
Secretary – Will-I-Slam
Training – Lethal
Master of Officials – Totorod
League Liaison – Whack Russell Terrior
Fresh Meat & Recruitment –¬†Intravenus De Milo
Sponsorship & Fundraising – Silverine
Happiness Commissioner – Hypes
Events – Hammer Montana