Apr 2015 17

We’re excited to announce our first home game for 2015 will be our very own mini tournament consisting of 3 teams and 3 full games.

South Side Derby DollsOutcast Derby and Coffs Coast Derby Dolls will be battling it out in a show of magical ability, intelligence and courage for the Tri-Wizard Cup.

(NB. Tri-Wizard Cup will be shrouded in an invisibility cloak for it’s own protection for the duration of the tournament.)

The Tri-Wizard Tournament will be a true celebration of regional and Sydney Roller Derby as these champions battle it out.

Outcast Derby’s Demons are journeying from the Central Coast, through perilous Oyster Beds and enchanted beach. The Daughters of Mayhem come from Coffs Harbour armed with their infamous Confundus charms. The Empire from South Side Derby Dolls will be passing through the wilds of the Sutherland Shire to make it all the way to Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre.


3 Games for $10 — we guarantee this is the best value derby in Sydney. Today or any other day.

A limited number of tickets will be available on the day for $15.

Kids under 12 are Free



Special thanks to our 2015 Supporters Rollerfit and Alter Life Magazine for their support in making this event possible.

Eventbrite - Roller Derby Tri-Wizard Tournament presented by South Side Derby Dolls

Or visit our Facebook page for details on how to win Exclusive VIP tickets and a Totes Awesome S2D2 Merch Pack.

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