Oct 2012 03

Psychlone Cilla | Big Kahuna | Ann O'War | Madam Dirty Boots

Members of the Month for September!

This month there were so many outstanding nominees but these four lovely peeps all received an equal number of votes for their tireless efforts and we couldn’t just choose one!

Cyclone Cilla – For hosting a massive, delicious BBQ bonding dinner before ERRD.
Big Kahuna – for benching like a BOSS and helping us build as a league and individual skaters.
Ann O’War – For all her hard work on and off the track, seen and unseen, which helps makes us derby machines!
Madam Dirty Boots – for saving the day and helping make sure our Freshie’s got all their info at the Open Day!

Each of these Members of the Month has gone above and beyond the call of duty and all of S2D2 thanks you!