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Every month South Side Derby Dolls votes for our Member of the Month.

Member of the Month honours our volunteers for their hard work, commitment and general awesomeness.

Our December 2015 Member of the Month was All Time Low.

December - All Time Low

All Time Low went to great lengths to make our Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser and our Christmas party BBQ a huge success. She is one of our dedicated volunteers that helps set up our tracks for training.  She is always smiling and has a contagiously encouraging attitude! All Time Low improves leaps and bounds every time she trains, consistently putting in 110%. We caught up with her and got to know this derby doll a bit better:

What 3 words describe roller derby to you?

Fun, tough and amazing.

Is there a story behind your derby name and number?

My derby name is actually a band that i really liked and it worked well because my last name is also Low. My number had been my lucky number since i was a kid

How did you get involved with roller derby?

Fat Lip Fanny saw an advert is the local paper and asked if I wanted to do it. But at that point I was only 17 so couldn’t. When I turned 18 we joined and I’ve been playing ever since.

Do you have a skating or sporting background?

I’ve always played sports – netball, basketball, soccer, baseball and softball.

But I had never skated in my life until the very first fresh meat training I had which was terrifying!

I was, and still sometimes am, a very socially awkward person and at my first training London Brawling came up to me and was like “Your name’s Kate, mine too! We can be partners” and since that moment I knew I had found the right sport. Not just because of the sport itself but also because of the amazing people involved. Everyone really does become a big family.

London Brawling is now one of my derby heroes – because she is one of the best skaters I first saw and she has been one of the people who have helped me the most in my time skating.

What do you think about when you’re lacing up your skates?

I think about the training session to come and what we might be learning next. Lacing up my skates is a good way to get out of the uni stress headspace and being able to focus on training headspace.

Do you have a theme song or a favourite inspirational quote?

I have a song that’s been a bit of a motivational song it’s Alex Day – “I know I’ve got what it takes”.

I don’t have superpowers, there’s no magic spell
But I remain faithful for things to go well
I’m not looking for miracles, at least for today
I know I’ve got what it takes

I also like to sing songs under my breath whilst doing 27 in 5 so I don’t know how tired I am.

Do you have a favourite Star Wars movie?

Oh dear, I’ve never seen Star Wars, sorry guys!

We’ll let you stay anyway. What’s your favourite thing about S2D2?

My favourite thing has to be the people!

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and if you are having trouble with a particular skill everyone will help you until you get it!

Thanks All Time Low!

Nov 2014 06

Date: Saturday, November 22
Time: Doors open 5.30pm. First whistle 6.00pm
Where: Hurstville Sports Centre, King Georges Rd.
Tickets: $15 at the door.

Oct 2014 09

By Bacardi Bruiser

I know it gets spat out in derby circles and blogs all the time: “derby saved my soul”. But for me, it kind of rings true, even though I hate the cheesiness of that sentence. Derby did save me in a way, twice over. The first time it helped give me the confidence and support to leave an abusive relationship, and the second time it helped me get my life back on track after a significant illness. Here’s my story.

10345830_719760638071242_9207393968666121224_nPhoto by Roaringstorm Photography

I started derby after getting out of a long-term relationship where a lot of my ambitions took the back seat. I joined derby as I have always played sports and I was finding that soccer and ice hockey just weren’t doing it for me anymore, and I needed a distraction from a boring small town life. One day, back in early 2010 I saw an ad in the local paper saying that there were 5 or 6 local girls starting a league and they were taking expressions of interest. I thought, why not, I’ve got some time on my hands. So I bought some skates online and rocked up to an info night. [..]

Sep 2014 29

August Member of the Month goes to THUG BUG!
Thug is our Merch Queen! She organises to get our wonderful, shiny and sometimes glow in the dark merch to our events. Overseeing our merch minions team, and she does a fantastic job! [..]

Sep 2014 10

Date: Sunday, September 21
Time: Doors open 3pm. First whistle 4pm
Where: Menai Indoor Sports Centre, Allison Crescent Menai.
Tickets: $8 at the door.

South Side Derby Dolls love team ups. Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. And of course, the age old, well loved tradition of Roller Derby and Jumble sales.

We love playing roller derby and we love shopping. PORQUE NO LOS DOS?! So on September 21 we’ll be doing just that.

We’ll have a fast paced, hard hitting Roller Derby bout featuring the best of South Side squaring off against each other in our Purple vs Teal bout. It’s South Side vs South Side, so if you like to cheer for South Side, you definitely can’t lose.

We’ll also have a jumble sale with the leagues pre-loved but high quality items at ridiculously low prices. You can find a bargain that you won’t find in shops, find the perfect gift, get your christmas shopping done early, or, just TREAT YO’SELF!

So come on down to Menai Indoor Sports Centre. Watch some awesome Roller Derby and buy your self something special in our one of a kind fundraiser.

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