Mar 2014 03

Member of the Month for February goes to Totorod.
Completely dedicating himself to officials training since it started, Totorod has been encouraging all of our Officials to step up and take part in scrimmage, drills training and rules discussions. Always at the ready to make sure the Droids are getting the most out of their time on the track. He is always willing to help when it’s needed most. People often come to Totorod with a pickle of a rules question and you know he will find out the answer for you!
He also has mad skills off the track, making south side some awesome Lego pieces, like the Lego track made for Supanova or the WFTDA Apprentice logo he made when S2D2 made this status.
In the off season our wonderful official took a bunch of people on a cross training canyoning trip in the blue mountains – Offseason? What offseason?

Feb 2014 28

‘Hi, my name is Sintax and I’m a roller derby referee.’

 Feels easy to say, like it should just roll off the tongue, but it didn’t always. There was a while there where owning my officialdom was a challenge, something I felt ‘wrong’ about.  Now, coming up on my fifth birthday as Sintax, it seems inconceivable that I would have ever been scared to own this awesome part in the game. I tell the story of me as a skater like it’s a joke, like I was always hiding the stripes under the numbers. And maybe I was. Coming out as a referee was hard and I think I’ve finally worked out why.


Feb 2014 05

BLOG: What I wish I’d known as a Freshie
By Laur’n DisOrder

With the new intake I have been thinking about what I wish I’d known when I joined. I didn’t want to write about things like technique, exercise regimes etc. here because there are people way more qualified to comment in the league. What this blog is about is my personal experience and what I wish past DisOrder had known.

So in no particular order:

You are not wasting anyone’s time.
This is a thought that I have to hold on to even now. I was really worried when I started that I was somehow wasting people’s time when I needed help, that if I just kept repeating the drill it would somehow make sense without me having to ask for help. It’s true that practise is key to learning new skillz but there’s no shame in asking for help and in our league usually the person you ask really, really wants to help.
No matter what skill level you are at, no matter how hard you are finding something that everyone else seems to get instantly, asking for help when you need it is a good thing. I still feel like an uncoordinated toddler when I go to another skater and say “This isn’t working for me, can you help?” but everyone has been totally supportive. No matter how amazing you get as a skater (I’ve been assured by some really amazing skaters) there will always be stuff you don’t get. It’s always good to get an outside perspective when there is something that is not working. If you need help, ask. You are not wasting anyone’s time I promise.


Jan 2014 16

 By Hammer Montana  (Dec 2013)


Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative… 

Roller derby is something I grew very quickly to love. Not just the sport, but everything which surrounds it – the people, the community, the way that it becomes a way of life. Having said that, this year of derby has been a challenging one for me and squashing that negative voice in my head has been difficult at times.

 I’ve been struggling this year with my progress – there have been times where I haven’t been happy with the speed at which I’ve been progressing and this has frustrated me immensely. Whoever said there was no crying in derby is, in my opinion, wrong! I’ve certainly shed some tears this year – when testing has happened and I haven’t moved up to the next grade, when I’ve had a particularly difficult training session when I haven’t seemed to be able to do anything at all, and so on and so on. This is when the negative voices in my head start up. They tell me I’m never going to make it to that next grade, that I’ll never crack that 27-in-5, that maybe I should just give it all up. And it’s hard not to listen to them.

Hammer Montana Jamming like a boss at the Purple and Teal Scrimmage late 2013.

Hammer Montana Jamming like a boss at the Purple and Teal Scrimmage late 2013.


Jan 2014 07

By: Glam Torino

The family I rave to my family about:

Part 1: Support through loss

In September 2012 I broke my ankle during a bout. With the new S2D2 website being prettied up, there was a call out to write blogs, and lots of people suggested I write one about my healing, recovery and comeback phases. Of course, I needed to wait until I had really made a comeback, so I figured I’d write it after my first training session back, with a focus on the support I received from my derby brothers and sisters near and far. February rolled around – not ready. Then maybe after I’d begun scrimmaging with my new teammates. Still not ready. Once I’d survived my first bout back, six months after the break. Something wasn’t urging me to write, so I threw myself into the training regime for the rest of the 5×5 Roller Derby tournament, working my arse off to catch up to my teammates who hadn’t just had four months off skates…


Then my dog died.


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