Apr 2017 26

Every month South Side Derby Dolls votes for our Member of the Month.

Member of the Month honours our volunteers for their hard work, commitment and general awesomeness.

Our March 2017 Member of the Month was Vigilannie!










What is your derby name and number?

Vigilannie 269


What 3 words describe roller derby to you?

Determined. Flailing. Inclusive


How did you get involved with roller derby?

A couple friends of mine had been playing for a couple of years and I had always been interested in derby since I was a young teen. With my 2 friends already playing for the same league it was impossible not to join!


What’s your best derby moment?

Nailing tomahawks. Too fun!


What’s your favourite thing about S2D2?

The community spirit we have. Points in a board can’t defeat a team that sticks together :)
Favourite Star Wars character or quote?

Yoda, for sure. ““Fear is the path to the dark side.” – the phantom menace


What do you think about when you’re lacing up your skates?

“God damnit! Hurry up! Everyone’s got their skates on already!


Do you have a pre-training ritual?

I usually try to clear my mind and just concentrate on keeping low and having a really fun time.


Do you have a theme song?

I’ve had too many theme songs to choose! And I usually have quotes of the week but my personal favourite is tattooed on my arm :) “Chin up, heart out”


Do you have a derby hero?

In our own league I’m a little star struck by Shirty since she kicked all the arse during training the other week


How has your involvement with roller derby affected the way you live the rest of your life?

My posture for one and the new friendships I keep!


What is your signature move?

I don’t have one as of yet.

Thanks Vigilannie!