Mar 2017 20

Every month South Side Derby Dolls votes for our Member of the Month.

Member of the Month honours our volunteers for their hard work, commitment and general awesomeness.

Our February 2017 Members of the Month were Ginger and Raydar!

What is your derby name and number?

Ginger Vytess 709 & Raydar 1864

What is the inspiration and story behind your derby name and number?

Ginger has amazing ginger hair, 709 is because she is a cyborg. Her first words to Raydar to describe herself were “well… I’m a cyborg.” She has an insulin pump for her type 1 diabetes management that is constantly connected. Raydar is my nickname because like Radar from MASH I usually have the solution to your problem when you need it fast. 1864 sticks with the star trek theme as it is the number of my fave Trek ship, the reliant.


What 3 words describe roller derby to you?

Ginger: Wheelie Good Times *haha*
Raydar: Real Life Mariokart


How did you get involved with roller derby?

G: After talking to Mike Wapowski at a friends wedding I was converted.
R: I had been interested as a fan before but never felt welcome. I went along to some MARD games but when I talked to people I was pretty badly shunned. After Wapowski converted my wife I was relieved to discover S2D2 is amazing and supportive. Im glad I can get involved.


What is your pre-derby sports or skating background?

G: Haha none
R: I was a fan of mighty ducks as a kid and roller bladed all the time but gave it up when I was 12. Now I have forgotten how to skate and cant even make it around the rink without falling on my arse.


What’s your favourite thing about S2D2?

G: That everyone’s meme game is as strong as our own. Haha. But in all seriousness, the community. Everyone is so welcoming.
R: Definitely. The torrential downpour of friend requests, fist bumps, and welcoming comments has been amazing. Unlike the past I feel so welcomed in this community. It makes me want to help out more and get involved.


Favourite Star Wars character or quote?

G: chewbacca / anything said by chewie and “”its a trap”” / I like the force awakens actually. If I had to choose.
R: jar jar/Unlimited Power/Ewoks movies? Haha… no just trolling. I could fanboy for Mara jade, but I would probably say Lando / I have a game where i try to use 1 SW quote a day. I cant choose / And of course Empire reigns supreme.


What do you think about when you’re lacing up your skates?

G: I dont want to fall over today. I dont want to fall over again. (Im still currently learning how to skate, but keep injuring myself in the process, putting me off skates to recover)
R: I hope Ginger doesnt fall over today. Haha. Usually followed by “”holy crap”” how did i get ao bad at this?”


Do you have a pre-bout

G: we listen to Iron Maiden in the car on the way to Derby.
R: That and Biggie Smalls vs Thomas… google it. Its worth it.
G: We also high five our clipboards.
R: Haha. Yeah. That gets us pumped.


Do you have a theme song?

G: I think we have 2 inspirational songs. Firstly cantina band, our alarm. Secondly the end credits to Bob Ross the Joy of painting. Haha. True story.
R: You also like “”whats going on by Heman”” and I like Epic Sax Guy. Haha.
G: for quotes. “”I came here to kick ass and drink milk… and i just finished my milk.””
R: i like Neil Gaimann’s commencement speech. “”Make good art”


Do you have a derby hero?

G: not really. We are still new so I just like watching s2d2. I don’t want to play favourites.
R: haha. Yeah. S2D2 are already enough for us. I like watching Bad wolf and Lethal because they have awesome moves that make my brain think gravity is a hoax. I would like to know more outside our group though. We will have to watch more matches.


How has your involvement with roller derby affected the way you live the rest of your life?

G: I feel like we got cooler and are part of some not so secret cult.
R: I feel more confident to go after the things i want or that i feel i lost. Im skating again. Im playing my instruments again. Im writing again. All because I can see that if i take the time to get good i can do it.


What is your signature move?

R: Getting Ginger frozen peas.
G: Haha… yeah falling on my tail bone. Again.

Thanks Hypes!