Feb 2016 19

Every month South Side Derby Dolls votes for our Member of the Month.

Member of the Month honours our volunteers for their hard work, commitment and general awesomeness.

Our January 2016 Member of the Month was Bailee Edge!


Off season? What off season?! Ever helpful, not only did she challenge herself doing all the learning and skating at Derby Fest, she’s kept busy over the summer organising outdoor skates suitable for all of our newer outdoor skaters and showing them the ropes.

What 3 words describe roller derby to you?
Fun, fitness and challenging.

How did you get involved with roller derby?
Had a few friends play and I was sitting on my couch one night thinking I need a hobby, so I thought why not try derby.

What is your pre-derby sports or skating background?
Before derby and back in the school days I played tennis, netball, basketball and I also did Little Athletics.

What’s your Derby Name and Number?
Bailee Edge – 32

What is the inspiration and story behind your derby name and number?
I’ve had several derby names but I decided to start skating under “Bailee” as I liked the use of my real name and “Edge” because, well; I’m Straight Edge.

What’s your best derby moment?
Derby Fest 2016 where I got a pep talk from my friend that skates at VRDL. She inspired me to push myself and challenge myself this year. I needed to start backing myself and my skills, so I started doing the Advanced classes. I have been going to Derby Fest since it started and this year was the best. I started to see the type of skater I want to be.

Do you have a pre-bout ritual?
When I start bouting, hopefully this season; I would say it would be to have earphones in and just try to get in the zone and calm my nerves down.

Do you have a theme song or a favourite inspirational quote?
True til death and thereafter.

Favourite Star Wars character or movie?
Everyone knows I love Yoda.

What’s your favourite thing about S2D2?
Its more than just derby – it’s a family.

Thanks Bailee!