Oct 2012 23

With the Eastern Region Roller Derby tournament in full swing, the intensity levels of the bouts kept increasing with each bout. The next bout between South Side Derby Dolls (S2D2) the Force and Central Coast Roller Girls’ (CCRG) The Valkyries proved to be one of the best bouts of the tournament. Both sides needed a win to keep their tournament alive after losing their opening round bouts. With the stakes high and the teams evenly balanced it was all set up for a cracking bout.

Both sides wasted no time getting started as Valkyries jammer KiKi Chaos got lead jammer but quickly called off the jam as she got overtaken by the S2D2 jammer. Psyclone Tracey stopped S2D2’s Ann O’War long enough for Psyclone Tracey’s jammer Ratbag to get lead jammer.

KiKi Chaos pushed Strawb’ry Slaughtercake off the track to allow Mini Mayhem to get through and get lead jammer. The bout was a pretty low scoring one but it was certainly an interesting one to watch as there was nothing between the two sides so it came down to who could employ the smarter tactics.

S2D2’s Dellynquent snuck through on the outside line to get lead jammer while opposing jammer Hazy Demon was fighting along the inside line to try and get past the S2D2 blockers. S2D2 opened up a slight 18-5 lead.

KiKi Chaos was playing the sweeper role at the back of the pack to great effect as she stopped the S2D2 jammers time and time again whenever they came up against her. KiKi was able to repel Ann O’War multiple times but eventually Ann O’War got the better of her and from then on she was in full control with each passing lap as S2D2 increased their lead to 36-14.

S2D2 were finding repeated success alongside the inside line with the Valkyries needing to close up that gap if they wanted to stop S2D2 from piling on more points against them. Both sides then completely slowed the game down as they went with an extremely slow start. Strawb’ry Slaughtercake got lead jammer with only 17 seconds left on the jam clock but that was more than enough time for her to score some more points for S2D2 as they went into half time with a 48-21 lead.

The Valkyries just like they did in their previous bout passed the star as soon as the jammer whistle was blown. As soon as the S2D2 jammer got lead jammer she called off the jam to stop the Valkyries from scoring any points. Strawb’ry Slaughtercake picked up where she left off from the first half as she went along the inside line and got a whip off her blocker to get lead jammer and increase S2D2’s lead 53-21.

Hazy Demon took out Dellynquent on her way through to getting lead jammer. Hazy picked up some much needed points for her side to make it a 20 point game. Ratbag took out some S2D2 blockers to clear a path for Mini Mayhem to get through and pick up more points for the Valkyries.

The contrasting style between the two bench managers was hilarious. In the Valkyries corner you had Sir Gestive who was living every hit and fall that it looked as though he was going to run onto the track and join in at any given second. In the S2D2 corner you had Big Kahuna who was like a statue and fully focussed with what was happening on the track. It was a great contrast!

There was another slow start to the jam but Allure’N’Kill tried to generate some speed by getting a whip off one of her blockers but ended up getting pulled up for a major elbows penalty seconds after. KillaBee wasted no time taking full advantage of the power jam as she further extended S2D2’s lead. Mini Mayhem managed to beat Ann O’War to get lead jammer but she couldn’t beat Apocalyss who barrelled her over which allowed Ann O’War to get ahead of her so she called off the jam.

Strawb’ry Slaughtercake got sandwiched between Tracey Psyclone and Hazy Demon but her blockers returned the favour as they smothered the Valkyries blockers to allow Strawb’ry Slaughtercake an easy passage through along the outside line.

There was a massive pile up as both sides got caught up in the wreckage. Allure’N’Kill lost her jammer panty amongst the tangle of skates and limbs so she wasn’t able to pick up any points for her side while the panty was off her helmet. KillaBee was ahead of the pack when the collision happened so she escaped the carnage and picked up more points for her side.

Another slow start by both sides but Ann O’War was anything but slow as she bossed it as jammer picking up points left, right and centre and then smartly called it off before Hell’a Trix Lestrange could pick up any points for the Valkyries.

It became a point scoring free for all as Allure’N’Kill and some of her blockers were sent to the penalty box. With gaps all over the track beckoning for KillaBee she lost the advantage when she got sent to the penalty box for a track cut. When both jammers were back on the track they threw caution to the wind and picked up as many points as they could since the jam was running for the full two minutes.

Once again Ann O’War blew the Valkyries blockers away with her agility and was helped out by her blockers who smothered the Valkyries blockers along the inside line to allow Ann O’War free reign along the outside line. The bout ended with S2D2 winning 112-55. A second loss for the Valkyries meant their bout involvement was over for the tournament but they could hold their heads high with their performance. For S2D2 it was onwards to the first round of finals.

Article courtesy of rollerderbyau.net. Words by Lisbeth Slammed-her, images by Roaringstorm Photography.