Apr 2014 03

Member of the month for March goes to PorFavor!
You may have noticed that Porfy, as we’ve affectionately named her, is an incredibly talented skater. We’re fairly sure she sleeps in skates! Not only does she have amazing blocking and jamming skills that she demonstrates whilst representing S2D2 on The Force, she is all about sharing them to help improve her fellow league mates.

Working hard with our training committee to perfect training plans and schedules, Porfy also makes herself available to share tips and encouragement wherever she can, this makes her an even greater asset! Her dedication to not just S2D2 but roller sports in general is outstanding. Her positivity shines through in everything she does. Role model is an understatement when it comes to this lady, she’s an overachiever and we’re so proud of her!

Photo Credit: Nathan Roberts – Double Time Imagery