Aug 2013 02

The votes are in and for month of July our members have voted our amazing Training Coordinator, GLAM TORINO as member of the month!

Glam spends countless hours planning and organising our training, heads the training committee, runs our testing and is 100% league focused! She is always concerned with trying to keep everyone happy and on track with their goals. She is supported by a strong team in the Training Committee but countless hours of effort and planning go into making sure training is as optimal as it can be. She has done an outstanding job and we all appreciate her efforts.

She has always had an amazing focus on giving every skater, NSO and ref the best quality of training possible, sometimes to the detriment of her own skating. In short, we think she’s the bomb! Congratulations Glam!

Here’s a photo of Glam & Dr Karl, we think he’s pretty cool too!