Mar 2013 01


Member of the Month for February - GLAM TORINO!

Glam has taken on a new committee role of Training Coordinator, one of our busiest and no doubt most stressful positions, with leaps and bounds! She has organised training for the entire league, initiating many new standards and procedures. Glam built a new training committee all while making her own skating comeback from injury and making the travel team. We only get to see the tip of the iceberg of the amount of work that goes on to ensure we get the best training and she has been doing a fantastic job.

Glam has definitely gone over and above the expectation of the training role. She is always available to answer questions and delivers in a clear and confident manner. Her tireless efforts in creating, coordinating and implementing our new training schedule, testing regime and assessments has not gone unnoticed. The planning, coordinating and conducting of the hectic testing program and formulating new training plans has shown dedication and persistence, and she always does everything with a smile!

Thank you so much for all of your hard work Glam, we really appreciate it!