Oct 2013 08

Words by Gnarley Quinn

With the excitement of our Fresh Meat intake for 2013 fast approaching, I thought it was a great time for me to reflect on what has easily been the best year of my life so far. I also want to share with our new Freshies all the amazing experiences I could never have anticipated throughout the year. Rolling into fresh meat with what feels like my eyes closed and buying all my gear on a whim after watching one game and jumping straight into SRDL’s first Raw Meat in July of 2012, my derby journey was rapidly beginning.

However, it was when I joined S2D2 in October last year when my love for derby truly began. The open day was unreal; full of smiles and introductions from all the members who I had never met before and sharing invaluable advice for my first training session, asking me if I needed to borrow any gear and if I was excited to join the family. I remember leaving with my best friend at the time, and now full time derby wife Sailor Doom, and agreeing “I have a good feeling about this”. Little did I know that that “good feeling” would grow into a passion that would change me into a more determined, competitive and confident person.

AliceHere’s Gnarley Quinn (right) with the amazing ShortStop from Canberra Roller Derby League at ERRD.

One of the first ever **I love this league** moments happened within the first month of joining S2D2. It was the league launch at Oatley Pub and I was going alone. None of my other friends were interested in attending and Doomy wasn’t feeling well. I volunteered to man the merch desk so that I would not look like a complete loner hanging around by myself without knowing anyone and when I said to the league that I wanted to do merch for that reason, I remember Patrick Sk8fish said to me “You’ll never have no-one to sit with, ever, at an S2D2 event”. The impact of these words truly made me feel like I was part of something very special and unique. [..]

Jul 2013 06

Here is The Force’s skate out from their very first home bout (11th public bout!)
on June 13. Round 4 of 5×5 Roller Derby Championship at Hurstville Stadium.


Jun 2013 23

By Gnarley Quinn

Keep low. Cross over. Look up. Push through. Derby Stance. Skate the diamond. Kiss the apex. Get lower. Skate around the others. Keep those crossovers coming. Keep your legs moving. No coasting. Maintain your speed and path. Stay on the diamond. Are you low enough? Get LOWER. Keep pushing. Did I mention crossovers? STOP COASTING! Suck it up. Oh… and don’t forget to breathe.

Alice [..]

May 2013 06

Quick survey, are you frustrated with the progress of your training? Are there things that you can’t do perfectly and really wish you could? Yes? Congratulations, you’re part of the 99% of roller derby players or wannabes who are suffering from “wish-I-could syndrome”. Here’s the reality, wishing doesn’t get stuff done. It sucks, I know, I WISH wishing got stuff done, I really do! But take it from someone who worked for over 3 years to lose 20kg. Trust me, that weight didn’t just get wished away. It was really really hard, but I feel that I’m a stronger person inside for the struggle that I endured… but this isn’t a weight-loss story, this is a derby story.


Apr 2013 20



S2D2 held a bootcamp weekend (April 13 – 14) with 70 skaters from NSW, ACT, VIC & TAS held at our training venue in Menai. It was hosted by Rat City All-Stars Carmen Getsome & Shorty Ounce who came all the way from Seattle! [..]

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