Feb 2015 10

By Hammer Montana

My first outdoor skate was, in hindsight, really not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

I’d been skating about six months and had bought myself a nice new set of pretty red outdoor wheels. My flatmate came in one Saturday and said he was going fishing at Balmain, and cleverly I decided that seeing as where he was going was along the Bay Run route I’d go along and try out my new wheels. While I didn’t come to grief in a bad way, I am still to this day thankful that I took my thongs with me because there was quite a lot of taking off my skates and walking certain sections! Lesson for younger players: it’s probably a good idea to go with someone more experienced when you skate the Bay Run for the first time!

Hammer blog - outdoor skating

Photo by: Hammer Montana

A couple of years and quite a lot more experience later, outdoor skating is something I’ve come to enjoy a lot. Living very close to the Newington Armory with its network of beautiful smooth cycle paths has meant I get out there quite a bit as it’s easy to come home from work in the summer, throw in my skates and get out there for an hour or so in the evening sun. 

Jan 2015 19

By Te Killher Shot

When I saw a flyer at work for Roller Derby in 2012, I thought – “how cool”. I want to learn to skate again, pick a rad derby name and purchase some fish net stockings (which I strangely don’t regret). I never thought that two years later I would be placed on a travel team going to Adelaide for The Great Southern Slam  and most recently to Newcastle for The Bont Invitational.

When I first joined the league, I was a nervous wreck.

I didn’t feel confident.

I felt as though I didn’t fit in.

I felt like I didn’t amount to these skaters.

It was like starting a new school where everyone was popular!

I thought to myself ‘yeah, I’ll just come here to skate and get fit’. Oh how wrong I was! NOPE. I now have a million friends, 100 kids and 600 puppies and kitties (may be a slight exaggeration). Finding the South Side Derby Dolls was like finding that long lost family you so longed for. Everybody thinks ‘Wow, a sport that is female dominated. Don’t you argue and get on each others nerves?’ The plain and simple answer – ‘No’.


Oct 2014 09

By Bacardi Bruiser

I know it gets spat out in derby circles and blogs all the time: “derby saved my soul”. But for me, it kind of rings true, even though I hate the cheesiness of that sentence. Derby did save me in a way, twice over. The first time it helped give me the confidence and support to leave an abusive relationship, and the second time it helped me get my life back on track after a significant illness. Here’s my story.

10345830_719760638071242_9207393968666121224_nPhoto by Roaringstorm Photography

I started derby after getting out of a long-term relationship where a lot of my ambitions took the back seat. I joined derby as I have always played sports and I was finding that soccer and ice hockey just weren’t doing it for me anymore, and I needed a distraction from a boring small town life. One day, back in early 2010 I saw an ad in the local paper saying that there were 5 or 6 local girls starting a league and they were taking expressions of interest. I thought, why not, I’ve got some time on my hands. So I bought some skates online and rocked up to an info night. [..]

Mar 2014 10

The Rules Change and the NSOs Smile.

Wednesday saw another update to the WFTDA rules set. I naturally see this as an attempt to annoy me as an NSO and refuse to fall for the old line about “Improving Derby”.

In reality, the reasons for the rule change (as explained by “The Roller Derby Dictionary”) go like this:

The eternal rules cycle

I just want to look at the rules change from the NSOs viewpoint, particularly the 30 second penalties and the change to Line-up Tracking. [..]

Feb 2014 28

‘Hi, my name is Sintax and I’m a roller derby referee.’

 Feels easy to say, like it should just roll off the tongue, but it didn’t always. There was a while there where owning my officialdom was a challenge, something I felt ‘wrong’ about.  Now, coming up on my fifth birthday as Sintax, it seems inconceivable that I would have ever been scared to own this awesome part in the game. I tell the story of me as a skater like it’s a joke, like I was always hiding the stripes under the numbers. And maybe I was. Coming out as a referee was hard and I think I’ve finally worked out why.


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