Sep 2013 01

1174814_649990845018816_2125663674_nThe member of the month for August is The Force’s amazing coach, APRILLA THE HUN!

Aprilla joined the league late in 2012 to form and coach the league’s travel team. In that time, she has shared her knowledge, session after session to build the skills of the team and the league which lead us to victory, winning the 5×5 tournament on August 10 and we couldn’t have done it without her!

She completely transformed the team in a very short time and has been sharing her training expertise (and catchy drill names) with the entire league. She constantly pushes us and gives the league the derby skill and organisational tools to match our determination, potential and hearts.

We are so thankful to her for volunteering her time to us and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for The Force and the league following her hard work.
Congratulations Aprilla! Big derby love from the darkside!

Thanks to Roaringstorm Photography for capturing this (and many more) classic Prilla moments!