Mar 2015 23

The Five by Five (5×5) Roller Derby Championship is an ongoing round robin tournament that sees ten leagues from all over NSW and ACT face off in fierce inter league competition across two divisions to claim the 5×5 Armageddon and Battlegrounds Championship and roller derby supremacy.

Round 1 up at the Central Coast saw South Side’s The Force take out a convincing win against Sydney Roller Derby League’s The Snipers.

Final score  (S2D2 252 – SRDL 119).

In Round 2 we’ll be playing a bit more locally at Sydney Boys High, where we’ll be taking on Newcastle Roller Derby League’s Dockyard Dames.

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South Side (S2D2) def. Newcastle (NRDL) 333-112

Thanks to Downunder Derby TV and Sydney Derby Skates for the broadcast.