Feb 2015 16

The Five by Five (5×5) Roller Derby Championship is an ongoing round robin tournament that sees ten leagues from all over NSW and ACT face off in fierce inter league competition across two divisions to claim the 5×5 Armageddon and Battlegrounds Championship and roller derby supremacy.

This year South Side’s The Force is again competing in the ARMAGEDDON division, which will see five of the strongest teams in the region doing battle for the coveted 5×5 Champions Cup. South Side have had the privilege of holding on to the cup for two consecutive years as back to back Champions, and we’re excited for our first 5×5 game against Western Sydney Rollers.





South Side (S2D2) def. Sydney (SRDL) 252-119

Read the match recap at 5×5 Derby.

Thanks to Downunder Derby TV and Sydney Derby Skates for the broadcast.