Jul 2017 06

Every month South Side Derby Dolls votes for our Member of the Month.

Member of the Month honours our volunteers for their hard work, commitment and general awesomeness.

Our May 2017 Member of the Month was Whiplash!


What is your derby name and number?

Whiplash #221


What 3 words describe roller derby to you?

Challenging, fun, physical


How did you get involved with roller derby?

It’s a long story but the short version is my cousin used to skate for S2D2 so I used to hear about it from her. Then I did some rollerfit and saw some of the girls from South Side so I decided to check it out. I came to a freshmeat info session, bought some gear and the rest is history.


What’s your best derby moment?

Watching the Force win the 5×5 grand final just after I joined was pretty special.


What’s your favourite thing about S2D2?

That it’s super nerdy


Favourite Star Wars character/movie?

I’d have to say Leia and my favourite movie is probably Return of the Jedi but the whole original trilogy is pretty awesome.


What is the inspiration and story behind your derby name and number?

Whiplash because my parents say my moods change so fast they feel like they have Whiplash, then there was the time I skated into a wall and gave myself Whiplash. #221 because of my love of Sherlock.


Do you have a theme song? or Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

When I stack it or stuff up I think of a quote from Latrice Royale (from Rupaul’s drag race) ‘It’s ok to make mistakes. It’s ok to fall down. Get up. Look sickening and make them EAT IT.


Do you have a derby hero? or Do you have a favourite derby game to watch?

Bonnie Thunders, amazing skater and a trained conservation biologist


Thanks Whiplash!