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Every month South Side Derby Dolls votes for our Member of the Month.

Member of the Month honours our volunteers for their hard work, commitment and general awesomeness.

Our March 2015 Member of the Month was Whack Russell Terrior!


Based on Photo by Roaringstorm Photography

Another recent addition to the S2D2 family, Whack Russell Terrior is a dedicated member of The Force and a whirlwind on the track! Despite a recent injury setback, Whack has still been a regular fixture at training, and her positive attitude is an inspiration, not only to her teammates, but to the whole league. We can’t wait to see Whack back on the track, stronger and more determined than ever!

What 3 words describe roller derby to you?
Empowering, challenging, fun!

How did you get involved with roller derby?
I went to see an SRDL home game in 2011 and thought it looked like fun! I soon after got a pair of skates as a present and after a short, nervous skate around the park, fell on my bum and decided not to skate for a while. A few months later, I roped in a friend (who later became my Derby Wife) to come to RollerFit with me, to prepare ourselves for an upcoming Roller Disco! We met some girls at RollerFit who wanted to start their own league, and that’s when it all began!

What is your pre-derby sports/skating background?
I used to just skate in the backyard as a kid. Not very well though, I didn’t know what a cross over was! I also did swimming for a few years and a few months of Aikido.

What’s your Derby name and Number?
Whack Russell Terrior
#w00f (Formerly K9)

What is the inspiration and story behind your derby name and number?
When I was a freshie and learning how to fall and hit, my coaches said my tenacity reminded them of a small dog. I was toying with the idea of SmashHund at one point but settled on Whack Russell Terrior. The reason behind the ‘o’ in Terrior (as opposed to the correct spelling with an ‘e’) is so it looks a bit like Terror. It’s also a small homage to my first derby coach, Squeals o’ Terror, who helped name me.

What’s your best derby moment?
Pretty much every time I roll out on to the track! There are so many moments that have stuck with me! I have to admit, being named as one of the All Star 5 in the 2013 5×5 Roller Derby Championship is pretty special :). Also, being part of my old league’s (IWRDL) first win!

Do you have a pre-bout ritual?
I try to do some pilates in the morning before breakfast and then a protein shake a couple of hours before the game. I have my nails painted team colours and I have this weird thing of wearing the same pair of earrings for every game. They’ve had to be replaced recently with new ones which just happen to be purple and teal!

What do you think about when you’re lacing up your skates?
So many things!!
Did I remember to tape my toe?
Did I put sports spray on my arches?
Do I need to toilet?
I really need to change my laces…

Do you have a theme song or a favourite inspirational quote?
I’ve had ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ used to cheer me on during a game! Does that count?

What is your signature move?
I don’t know if I have one!

Do you have a derby hero?
My first derby hero was actually Winnie Bruise! I remember her so vividly from the first game I ever watched! I also love Suzy Hotrod and Swish Cariboom! One time during warm up for a game, I saw one of the opposing players point at me and say to her teammate, “She looks like Swish Cariboom!” If only!

Photo: Richard Rayment

How has your involvement with roller derby affected the way you live the rest of your life?
I’ve definitely come out of my shell a lot more and have become more confident!

Who is your Favourite Star Wars character?
“C-3PO, Human Relations.”
He’s always entertaining!

What’s your favourite thing about S2D2?
Everything! Everyone is very encouraging and supportive! Everyone works so hard and I’m learning so much! It pushes me to be a better skater!

Thanks Whack!

Apr 2015 17

We’re excited to announce our first home game for 2015 will be our very own mini tournament consisting of 3 teams and 3 full games.

South Side Derby DollsOutcast Derby and Coffs Coast Derby Dolls will be battling it out in a show of magical ability, intelligence and courage for the Tri-Wizard Cup.

(NB. Tri-Wizard Cup will be shrouded in an invisibility cloak for it’s own protection for the duration of the tournament.)

The Tri-Wizard Tournament will be a true celebration of regional and Sydney Roller Derby as these champions battle it out.

Outcast Derby’s Demons are journeying from the Central Coast, through perilous Oyster Beds and enchanted beach. The Daughters of Mayhem come from Coffs Harbour armed with their infamous Confundus charms. The Empire from South Side Derby Dolls will be passing through the wilds of the Sutherland Shire to make it all the way to Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre.


3 Games for $10 — we guarantee this is the best value derby in Sydney. Today or any other day.

A limited number of tickets will be available on the day for $15.

Kids under 12 are Free



Special thanks to our 2015 Supporters Rollerfit and Alter Life Magazine for their support in making this event possible.

Eventbrite - Roller Derby Tri-Wizard Tournament presented by South Side Derby Dolls

Or visit our Facebook page for details on how to win Exclusive VIP tickets and a Totes Awesome S2D2 Merch Pack.

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