Mar 2014 03

Member of the Month for February goes to Totorod.
Completely dedicating himself to officials training since it started, Totorod has been encouraging all of our Officials to step up and take part in scrimmage, drills training and rules discussions. Always at the ready to make sure the Droids are getting the most out of their time on the track. He is always willing to help when it’s needed most. People often come to Totorod with a pickle of a rules question and you know he will find out the answer for you!
He also has mad skills off the track, making south side some awesome Lego pieces, like the Lego track made for Supanova or the WFTDA Apprentice logo he made when S2D2 made this status.
In the off season our wonderful official took a bunch of people on a cross training canyoning trip in the blue mountains – Offseason? What offseason?

Mar 2014 10

The Rules Change and the NSOs Smile.

Wednesday saw another update to the WFTDA rules set. I naturally see this as an attempt to annoy me as an NSO and refuse to fall for the old line about “Improving Derby”.

In reality, the reasons for the rule change (as explained by “The Roller Derby Dictionary”) go like this:

The eternal rules cycle

I just want to look at the rules change from the NSOs viewpoint, particularly the 30 second penalties and the change to Line-up Tracking. [..]

Mar 2014 14

For all the info on the 5×5 Championship visit
ROUND 1 – March 29 @ Central Coast
Tickets from


Mar 2014 20

South Side are hosting a bootcamp for the derby leagues of  Central NSW – Bathurst, Orange and Oberon as well as leagues from across NSW on April 12. If you’re a skater, junior or official wanting to join the bootcamp email

Join us for the first roller derby bout in Bathurst! The feature length bout with all the bells and whistles will be open to spectators on April 12 with doors open at 6pm. Tickets from