Jan 2014 04

Drum roll please… member of the month for December 2013 is …
Glam Torino!
Glam did an amazing job in 2013 taking on the huge role of Training Coordinator for the whole league and what a phenomenal job she did too! Glam put her heart and soul into the league and was determined to help each of us achieve our very best. She was always on hand to offer help and advice, especially to those returning to skate after injury, a feat she overcame successfully herself. She’s been an invaluable teammate on and off the track. Glam’s guidance and dedication to the role helped contribute to S2D2’s epic year and her smiling face is always a welcomed sight. If you haven’t read Glam’s blog that was released earlier this week head over to www.southsidederby.com to check it out! Truly touching!

Jan 2014 07

By: Glam Torino

The family I rave to my family about:

Part 1: Support through loss

In September 2012 I broke my ankle during a bout. With the new S2D2 website being prettied up, there was a call out to write blogs, and lots of people suggested I write one about my healing, recovery and comeback phases. Of course, I needed to wait until I had really made a comeback, so I figured I’d write it after my first training session back, with a focus on the support I received from my derby brothers and sisters near and far. February rolled around – not ready. Then maybe after I’d begun scrimmaging with my new teammates. Still not ready. Once I’d survived my first bout back, six months after the break. Something wasn’t urging me to write, so I threw myself into the training regime for the rest of the 5×5 Roller Derby tournament, working my arse off to catch up to my teammates who hadn’t just had four months off skates…


Then my dog died.


Jan 2014 16

 By Hammer Montana  (Dec 2013)


Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative… 

Roller derby is something I grew very quickly to love. Not just the sport, but everything which surrounds it – the people, the community, the way that it becomes a way of life. Having said that, this year of derby has been a challenging one for me and squashing that negative voice in my head has been difficult at times.

 I’ve been struggling this year with my progress – there have been times where I haven’t been happy with the speed at which I’ve been progressing and this has frustrated me immensely. Whoever said there was no crying in derby is, in my opinion, wrong! I’ve certainly shed some tears this year – when testing has happened and I haven’t moved up to the next grade, when I’ve had a particularly difficult training session when I haven’t seemed to be able to do anything at all, and so on and so on. This is when the negative voices in my head start up. They tell me I’m never going to make it to that next grade, that I’ll never crack that 27-in-5, that maybe I should just give it all up. And it’s hard not to listen to them.

Hammer Montana Jamming like a boss at the Purple and Teal Scrimmage late 2013.

Hammer Montana Jamming like a boss at the Purple and Teal Scrimmage late 2013.