Jun 2013 02


Our member of the month for May is our hardworking, talented media guru and star jammer, Fairy Bled!

She has accomplished so many amazing things for the league including organising and designing The Force’s new uniforms, promoting our upcoming home bout by organising signs, posters and flyers all in her own time. On the track, she’s stepped up as a primary jammer, currently ranked as the number 2 high scoring jammer in the 5×5 tournament! [..]

Jun 2013 04

The Leader | June 2013

Cleo Magazine | April 2012

South Side Derby Dolls Cleo Magazine - April 2012

Cleo Magazine | April 2012

South Side Derby Dolls Cleo Magazine - April 2012

The Leader | September 2012

South Side Derby DollsSt George Leader

Jun 2013 17

S2D2 played HARD on June 15 at Hurstville Stadium. It was the very first home game for the for The Force.

BOUT 2 1st Half 2nd Half     Final
HARD 62 43  105
S2D2 186 240  426

Top Scorers
Posh Deckem 34, Temper Tramp 32, Punkie BrawlSTAR 14
S2D2: PorFavor 128, Agrodite 102, DaniHELL 82, Shona Mercy 63

HARD: Dee Composition
S2D2: Cat Fink

Photo by Roaringstorm Photography


Jun 2013 23

By Gnarley Quinn

Keep low. Cross over. Look up. Push through. Derby Stance. Skate the diamond. Kiss the apex. Get lower. Skate around the others. Keep those crossovers coming. Keep your legs moving. No coasting. Maintain your speed and path. Stay on the diamond. Are you low enough? Get LOWER. Keep pushing. Did I mention crossovers? STOP COASTING! Suck it up. Oh… and don’t forget to breathe.

Alice [..]